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Rudy's · Music · Weblog

A home for learning about weird music.

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No real use for this blog, but visit my other: http://amiscellany.info/
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Wow, it's been way too long...

I want to see how everyone else's blogs are doing, but to read mine...


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Sorry for the silence on LiveJournal, folks. I miss the place, but had been busy with other projects.

The old list of sites is dead. Use these links for my works.


Here, among other places, is where you can read up on my activities.


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I haven't quite gotten the hang of LiveJournal, though from what I see, I like the quality of the people and the sites I've run into. For what it's worth, here are some of my sites.

http://rudycarrera.com/wp - For politics, personal musings, etc.
http://ngn01.wordpress.com - A Miscellany of Tasteful Music.
http://cinepedia.wordpress.com/ - A Miscellany of Tasteful Film.
http://americanpravoslav.wordpress.como - Pravoslav in American (for religious matters).
http://actionslist.wordpress.com - An archive for David Cotner's experimental music calendar.

MYSPACE - http://myspace.com/racarrera
FLORK - http://flork.com/racarrera
Current Music:
Pekka Pohjola
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Just updating my website for you all...


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http://rudolphcarrera.blogspot.com/ is my normal home, and will be the one I update most. Give it a look-see.
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